7 Must Have Summer Travel Essentials

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7 Must Have Summer Travel Essentials by julianydiaz featuring summer hats


Hey there my lovelies! Today, I am sharing with you some summer essentials that I absolutely always travel with. There are some things that are replaced to match similar to my own items, but nevertheless, they are still inexpensive, cute things every girl should have when traveling during these months.

Healthy French Toast Recipe…

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healthy french toast recipe


Hey lovelies! How’s everyone doing this fine Friday afternoon? For today, I am sharing with you my very own french toast recipe and of course, the healthiest version possible since it’s good to balance our weekend cheat meals with something a little more light. I personally sleep in on the weekends and skip breakfast (I know it’s bad, don’t judge lol). However, you can’t lie that there’s at least one of those weekend days that you need to run errands early in the morning but don’t know what the heck to have for breaky. I believe it’s extremely important to have all three meals of the day, so for any day that you want to have something delicious and that doesn’t take that long to prepare, follow this recipe. It’s filling, tasty, and full of good stuff to fuel your body with first thing in the morning. What more is a girl to ask for?


Summer Floral In the City…

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Hey everyone! Been a long time! It’s been five months to be exact since I last blogged and posted my Healthy Banana Pancakes recipe. There’s been a lot going on in my life these past months in which I’ve been thinking and reflecting. I made a decision or more like I followed my gut with the choice of not being that involved in social media for a while. I will talk more about what’s been going on in my life lately and why I made this choice in another post soon but for now let’s get into this outfit post shall we?

Well, to be completely honest here, these pictures were shot last summer and I don’t know why I didn’t post them because looking back now, I see that they had great potential for a fashion post for you guys. I was traveling in a city, Toronto to be exact, when I saw this space in the distillery district that was so unique and beautiful. The bricks contrasted very interestingly with the soft colors of the flowers and I thought it’d be a great idea to shoot here.


summer outfit with floral shirt

Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe…

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healthy banana pancakes recipe

Hey everyone! I’m back with a recipe post that I guarantee you will enjoy and savor forever! Today, I am sharing with you my very own healthy banana pancake recipe that I personally use to cook delicious pancakes during the weekends. I love this recipe so, so much and I wanted to share this especially for those of you who want to know a little more on how my healthy breakfasts look like. Keep on reading if you’re interested to know more about this healthy breakfast recipe…

New Year’s Resolutions & Best of 2016

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new years outfit ideas

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Hey guys! Can you all believe it’s December 31st! Time flew by this year but nevertheless, there are very important things that happened and things that I am so grateful for. Today, I would love to share with you my sixteen best moments of 2016 as well as my new year’s resolution to get myself a head start on the goals I would like to set and hopefully accomplish for this new, fresh year. Keep on reading if you would like to know more….

Holiday Spa Day Gift Idea…

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spa day gift set idea for christmas

Hey everyone! I told you I’d be back soon to rescue you from the Holiday shopping tornado! So here I am! Today, I am showing you how to be super cute with your friend, mom, sister, or anyone that is a girl for this holiday season. Today, we had a secret Santa gift exchange at my school and I got my friend this little Christmas spa bundle so she can be extra ready to relax this holiday season. I personally love to take a day off and just hang around my house (a.k.a room, more specifically bed). Keep on reading to find out what I used to put everything together for a perfect spa day gift set….

Holiday Gift Guide Under $60!

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 Holiday Gift Guide under $60
Hey everyone! I’m back after like two months of not blogging and today I want to talk to you a little bit about that and about my first post for this month of December. Can you believe it’s already the last month of the year?! However, don’t despair friends, this month I will be aiding you on a couple of things to help you survive. For example, a gift guide for your girl friends out there. Keep on reading to know about some really cute and affordable ($60 or under) gift packages you can give away this holiday season….